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Thy Antichrist - Human Pandemonium (split) (2008)

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Duration: 40:07
Quality: mp3 | CBR 320 kbps
Download: http://adf.ly/1hMPxK

Band: Thy Antichrist
Album: Human Pandemonium (split)
Released: 2008
Genre: Black Metal | Thrash Metal
Country: Colombia
Label: Legion Of Death Records


Side A - Human Pandemonium
1.Thy Antichrist - Tragic Intro: Bach's Toccata
2.Thy Antichrist - Calamity Called Mankind
3.Thy Antichrist - Destroying the Myth
4.Thy Antichrist - Like A Human (Anathemic Instrumental)
5.Thy Antichrist - Zenith of Horror
6.Thy Antichrist - Augurios Omens (Heretic Poem)

Side B - Escupiendo las Cenizas de Cristo
7.Infernal - Satan Rules
8.Infernal - Satan's Throne
9.Infernal - The Power of the Elements
10.Infernal - Satanic Soul
11.Infernal - Majestic Fire