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Splattered Entrails - Choking On The Rot (2007)

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Band: Splattered Entrails
Album: Choking On The Rot
Released: 2007
Genre: Brutal Death Metal | Goregrind
Country: United States (Smithtown)
Format | Quality: mp3 | CBR 320 kbps
Label: Morgue House Records


1.Touching the Straw to the Liquified Feces and Drawing It Into Your Lungs 00:44
2.Cuntaminating the Gynacologists Instruments with my Seminal Fluids 01:55
3.Performing Open Heart Surgery as a Malpractice on an Orally Aborted Fetus 00:36
4.Gulping the Reeking Putrid Rotting Purulence from a Swollen Cadaver 00:28
5.Eating 10 Buckets Full of Dried and Solidified Chips of Dog Cum 00:33
6.Digesting the Flesh That Was Previously Masticated by a Drooling Retard 00:36
7.Containing the Embryonic Fluid and Shaking It Until the Foam Comes Out of the Top 00:20
8.Sewing Your Pussy Lips Shut so the Fetus Growing Inside of You Will Die and Decay in your Uterus 00:36
9.Puking Inside of your Used Colostomy Bag and Feeding It Through your Grandmother's Intravenous 00:28
10.Storing my Excrement Inside of your Glasses Case 00:49
11.Surgical Formation of an Opening From the Urinary Tract to an Isolated Segment of the Ileum 00:35
12.Oxidative Decomposition Under Anaerobic Conditions 00:23
13.Large Mass of Accumulated Feces in the Rectum Resembling a Tumor 00:33
14.Painful Spasm of the Vagina From Contraction of the Muscles Surrounding It 00:36
15.Omental Hernia Into the Scrotum 00:21
16.Suturing of the Vulva and Perineum to Support a Prolapsed Uterus 00:33
17.Failure During Embryogenesis of Normal Rotation of Viscera 00:23
18.A Malunion of a Fractured Bone Caused by Blunt Force 00:20
19.Underdevelopment of a Tissue Organ or Body 00:20
20.Excessive Amounts of Nitrogenous Matter Found in Urine 00:44
21.Accumulation of Serous Fluid in a Sac-Like Cavity in the Tunica Vaginalis Testis 01:02
22.Surgical Procedures to Further Complicate Retinal Displacement 01:05
23.Congenital Absence of or Failure to Develop Half of a Vertebra 00:45
24.Extracorporeal Fecal Matter Extraction 00:36
25.Hemorrhagic Red Pigmentation of the Spinal Fluid 00:48
26.Minute Forms Consisting of a Scolex and Three or Four Proglottids 00:55
27.Undignified and Painful Death Due to Inadequate Control of Symptons at the End of Life 01:13
28.Interfuckingmission 01:01
29.Process of Obtaining a Large Amount of Blood from the Fetal Scalp for pH Testing 00:49
30.Decomposition of Organic Matter Due to Rise in Temperature and Humidity 00:38
31.Abnormal, Painful and Continued Erection of the Penis Caused by Disease 01:09
32.The Malformation and Underdevelopment of Body Organs from Embryonic Tissues 00:50
33.Severe Gastrointestinal Irritation with Bloody Vomitus 00:56
34.Presence in the Blood of an Abnormal Protein That Forms Gels at Low Temperatures 01:00
35. The Melting of Body Fat Due to Extreme Extracorporeal Temperatures 00:30
36.Failure of the Embryonic Neural Tube to Close During Development Resulting in Cogenital Spina Bifida 00:53
37.Ingestion of a Dead Fetus Lying Dormant Under Your Pillow 01:00
38.Large Convoluted Mass of Gray Matter in the Lateral Portion of the Cerebellum 01:07
39.Submerging the Fetus in Acid Just to Rid It of the Umbilical Cord 00:55
40.Poisonous Alkaloid Used to Kill Rodents May Produce Vomiting and Symmetrical Muscle Spasms 00:37
41.Uterogastrointestinal Bleeding Caused by an Aluminum Bat Being Slammed Into Your Stomach 00:33
42.Mastication of Your Scrotum by a Vice Grip 00:26

Total playing time: 30:41