Hyperdontia - Nexus of Teeth (2018)

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Band: Hyperdontia
Album: Nexus of Teeth
Type: Full-length
Released: September 6, 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Country: International (Copenhagen, Denmark / Istanbul, Turkey)
Quality: mp3 VBR
Label: Dark Descent Records


1. Purging Through Flesh
2. Of Spire and Thorn
3. Teeth and Nails
4. Aura of Flies
5. Majesty
6. Euphoric Evisceration
7. Escaping the Mortal Embodiment
8. Existence Denied

*Line Up:
Mathias Friborg - Guitars (Sulphurous, Taphos, ex-Realm Of Chaos, Night Fever)
M.C. - Bass (Decaying Purity, Dreich, ex-Dionysian, ex-Burial Invocation, ex-Diabolizer, ex-Hellsodomy, ex-Massive Aggression)
P.M.D.T. - Drums (Apparatus, Eldjudnir, Eternich, Phrenelith, Pink Absynth, Redivivus, Sulphurous, Witchburn, ex-Reinless, Märesvin, Niematotamto)
M.G. - Guitars (Decaying Purity, Diabolizer, Engulfed, ex-Burial Invocation)
D.M. - Vocals (Phrenelith, Reefer, Undergang, Wormridden, ex-Realm Of Chaos)
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