Phyllomedusa - Woodlore 2 (10th Year Uproot) (2017)

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Band: Phyllomedusa
Album: Woodlore 2 (10th Year Uproot)
Type: Full-length
Released: 2017
Genre: Goregrind / Noisegrind
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


Functions Post-Aposematic Coloration 00:30
Hydric Brooding Plaihseg Primilary Consuming Eqwuidial In The Third Role 00:38
Evolutional Male-Male Competition 00:35
Acer Chunks Fawkopsifunshienfedic Jiaebo-Ovary Fittifucnskioen/Elongation In Two Carpals Of The Wings 01:01
Rhytisma Acerinum Spoit Huiejuin As Individuals In Condiiton/Quality 01:46
Highly Polymorphic Populations Doidnfied Bocas Del Toro Archipelago, Loyationg The Phenotype, The Forms In Noticing Trait Value 00:52
Dephormt In A Mold Manner Atrocitizing Amboyna In The Purest Sensye, Not By Disbark, But By Amputation 01:01
Localities Continguisn A Weakly Variegated Pattern Few Scattered The Melanophore 01:03
The Stem Grows (Non-Sunburn) 01:05
Chaotically Decorated To Buipoliger, Analogus In Interrupted Double Dark Chevrons 01:09
Strangulated By The Deciduous Redolence Of Sassafrax (Laurel) 01:50
Tibia In Fine Serration 01:06
Oiquertkin Gio So Gently Curved Toward The Oral Opening, Situated And Relaxed In Way Where No Coercer Is Alarming, Stifling The Physalaemus Upsurge 02:38
Brighter Rivals, Bitter Vitals 02:17
Anthocyanin Pigmential Gested Derioiaiuelvuion Blaster 01:00
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