Moonblood - 6 albums

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Band: Moonblood
Album: 6 albums
Type: Full-length / Compilation
Released: 2003
Genre: Black Metal / Epic Black Metal / Raw Black Metal
Country: Germany
Quality: mp3 192 kbps
Label: Independent


1 Moonstruck
2 Hordes Of Hate
3 Kingdom Under Funeral Skies
4 Burning In Hell
5 These Graves And Wooden Coffins Are My Realm
6 The Quest After The Doctrines Of Mighty & Wisdom
7 Dusk Woerot I
8 Dusk Woerot II
9 Dusk Woerot III
10 Born To Live In The Shadows Of Damnation
  1. Link not working for me.
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      This is all I could find, That particular album is not available.Sorry
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