Obsek - Traumatic Expirement (2010)

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Band: Obsek
Album: Traumatic Expirement
Type: Full-length
Released: July 9, 2010
Genre: Deathcore / Technical Deathcore
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 256 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Toward Another Dimension
2. The Missing Element
3. Toadstool
4. Twisted
5. Then, I Relapse
6. Till The Last Drop
7. Thus Falls The Curtain
8. Temptacles
9. This One Doesn't Start With A T (Jean Coutu)
  1. Lets see how good this is.
  2. This is really good btw, seeing the album art on the album about his dad is a bit weird but thats it.
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