Korn - The Paradigm Shift (World Tour Edition) (2013)

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Band: Korn
Album: The Paradigm Shift (World Tour Edition)
Type: Full-length
Released: October 8, 2013
Genre: Heavy Metal / Nu-Metal
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Caroline Records


1. "Prey for Me"
2. "Love & Meth"
3. "What We Do"
4. "Spike in My Veins"
5. "Mass Hysteria"
6. "Paranoid and Aroused"
7. "Never Never"
8. "Punishment Time"
9. "Lullaby for a Sadist"
10. "Victimized"
11. "It's All Wrong"
12. "Hater"
13. "The Game Is Over"
14. "Die Another Day"
15. "Love & Meth (Live in London)"
16. "Here to Stay (Live in London)"
17. "Get Up! (Live in Moscow)"
18. "Never Never (Live in Moscow)"
19. "Got the Life (Live in Denver)"
20. "Another Brick in the Wall (Live in Denver)"
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