Obsecration - Into the Bloodemonium (2013)

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Band: Obsecration
Album: Into the Bloodemonium
Type: Full-length
Released: February 20, 2013
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece (Athens, Attica)
Quality: mp3 VBR V0
Label: O.B.S.E. Prods.


1. Into The Bloodemonium (Intro) / We Spit On Your Fuckin' Grave
2. Repent Priest (Intro) / I Am The Unholy Child
3. Zambahz Ram (Intro) / A Real Intescribable Horror's Table
4. Face Your Insanity (Intro) / Captive In Dimentia's Bonds
5. The Beyond (Intro) / A.P.D. - T.W.B.T.G. (The Morbid Way A.D. MMXII)
6. In Search Of Answers (Intro) / The Dream Quest Beyond The Unknown Graves
7. Journey Of No Return (Intro) / Nightmare Without Name
8. Morbid Illusion (Intro) / Re-Creative Incitement (Into Reality A.D. MMXII)
9. At Front Line Assembly (Intro) / I Remember My Body Rotting
10. Shipwreck In Paranoia (Intro) / Drowning In Blood
11. Road To Perdition (Intro) / Road To Redemption
12. Blessed Is The Blooshed Of The Faithful (Outro)
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