Misericordiam - A Thin Line Between Man and Machine (2006)

Duration: 22:03

Quality: mp3 VBR V1


Band: Misericordiam
Album: A Thin Line Between Man and Machine
Type: Full-length
Released: January 11, 2006
Genre: Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore
Country: United States (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Label: Independent


1. Social Jihad and Genocide. The Only Certainty in an Uncertain World with No Promise of Tomorrow - 01:50
2. Cum Sucking Whore. Cold Stone Wins - 04:27
3. Indie Girl. Admiration for the Girl Without a Face - 02:40
4. Obsessive Compulsive. The Act of Fornication Compulsive - 02:23
5. Hefty Bag Disposal. The Promise Ring - 04:17
6. Sha Sha in Her Boomboxx. Mhmm Tastes Like Pussy - 02:30
7. The Kay Razzle Extravaganza Presents...The Fingerbang Legshake - 03:56
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