Near Death Condition - The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres (2011)

Duration: 41:00

Quality: mp3 320 kbps


Band: Near Death Condition
Album: The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres
Type: Full-length
Released: 2011
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Switzerland (Sion, Valais)
Label: Unique Leader Records


1. In the Name of the Destructive Storm God
2. Trinity
3. From the Refusal of God to the Negation of Humanity
4. Torturing the Pretentious
5. Prayer to the Universal One
6. The Highest Vision
7. Supreme Resources of Self Annihilation
8. Expecting Putrefaction
9. Divine Wisdom and Mastery of the Elements
10. The Avatar
11. In Spiritual Spheres
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