Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Return to the Bone Concubine (2007)

Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Return to the Bone Concubine (2007)
Band: Preschool Tea Party Massacre
Album: Return to the Bone Concubine
Type: Full-length
Released: 2007
Genre: Cybergrind
Country: United States (New Jersey)
Quality: mp3 192 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Bludgeoned with a Vacuum Cleaner
2. Alien Rape
3. Faking Retardation to Fondle Women
4. I Wonder What a Woolly Mammoth Burger Would Taste Like
5. Raped for Two Years
6. Fast Times at Abu Ghraib
7. Mr. Potato Head the Convicted Wife-Beater
8. Explaining to Police Why You Masturbate in the Public Library
9. Baseball Bat Abortion
10. The Lost Hitler Golf Trophy
11. Sorry Miss, I Was Giving Myself an Oil Job
12. Almost as Cool as Stealing Prosthetic Legs
13. Things Got a Little Out of Hand So I Bit Off Her Nose
14. Umbrella Sodomy
15. Bringing Invisibility to a Gun Fight
16. First Freehold, Then the World, then Space
17. Underage Girls Gone Wild!
18. Is Yanni Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?
19. Dead Baby Speed Bump
20. Holocaust Fun for the Whole Family
21. If You Can't Trust a Mexican Hooker Who Can You Trust
22. Tune for Your Titties
23. Your Baby Is Flatter Than a Short Stack at IHOP
24. Myspace Beat Down
25. Candy, Cookies, Toys, and 18 Other Ways to Get Kids in Your Minivan
26. It Only Gets Worse from Here
27. I Totally Owned That Handicapped Kid in DDR
28. Jesus Was a Scarecrow
29. Trying to Keep the Body Count at Six
30. Who Needs Lubrication When I Have Your Tears
31. Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Child Molester
32. Fetus Cock Slap
33. I'm Aint Filming Up Skirts, I'm Spying on Al-Qaeda
34. Remember, Feet First Through a Woodchipper
35. Almost as Cool as Stealing Prosthetic Legs (Screwed and Chopped)
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