Defeated Sanity - Psalms of the Moribund (2007)

Defeated Sanity - Psalms of the Moribund (2007)
Band: Defeated Sanity
Album: Psalms of the Moribund
Type: Full-length
Released: March 8, 2007
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Germany (Berlin)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Grindethic Records


1. Stoned then Defiled
2. Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement
3. Prelude to the Tragedy
4. Hideously Disembodied
5. Butchered Identity
6. Psalms of the Moribund
7. Engorged with Humiliation
8. Arousal Through Punishment
9. Artifacts of Desolation

Bonus tracks:
10. Frenzy
11. Blissfully Calculated
12. Psalms Of The Moribund
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