Exiled Shadow - North Abyss Shadows [Compilation] (2018)

Band: Exiled Shadow
Album: North Abyss Shadows
Type: Compilation
Released: February 16, 2018
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece (Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Askio Productions


1. Haunting the Light
2. Eternal Unknown Dark
3. Inferior Demon Return
4. Anguish of Pagan Night
5. Where the Shadows Rise
6. Haunting the Light
7. The Testimonial Code of Death
8. Savior of Sorrow
9. Ancient Spirits of Evil
10. Funeral of the Gods Become
11. Black Wisdom
12. Hell & Arrival
13. Desecration of Mankind
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    Thank you very much for this.Appreciated to the max.
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      Your welcome!
      JаvaScript Bach
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