Lords of Chaos - Movie (2019)

Band: Lords of Chaos
Album: Movie
Released: 2019
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Deathgrindclub


A teenager's quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s results in a very violent outcome.

1200 Kbps -2 Passes
1h 59m 43s

*This is in English and there are no subtitles

**1080p (MKV) (4.5gb) (Or click VK link) - https://mega.nz/#!hxVQVKpC!knc85og7R0GmGZHSa7bOMNPdxP-OJxEOy2cJucBV8No
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    thanx finally this shit out
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    Your welcome. I hope it doesn't suck
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    Что за хуйня? Он же не вышел еще! WTF???
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    Hey guys, i don't thihk that i do see this movie on quality) Because i'm waiting)
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    Tiene subtitulos?
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      Sorry no subtitles. It is in English
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    How much file mb is this? And what resolution?
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      It is 1.4gb and is 720p
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    Awesome. Thank you for this upload.
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    I've a problem: audio doesn't work
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      The audio works fine on my end it must be on your end maybe update your codecs
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    I don't usually comment on this site but thank you Tom, also i think this movie can be hilarious af because is made by Vice
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    No me gusta el black metal. Se supone que es de alguna banda famosa?
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