Devour the Fetus - Traumatic Birth Delight (2019)

Band: Devour the Fetus
Album: Traumatic Birth Delight
Type: Full-length
Released: February 8, 2019
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal / Goregrind
Country: France (Paris, Île-de-France)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Amputated Vein Records


1. Prenatal Autosarcophagy
2. Embryomlet
3. Chew My Newborn Stew
4. No Country for Fetus
5. Uteral Gastronomy
6. Placentartiflette
7. Foetus Slamo-Maxillaire
8. Fetal Kush
9. Stem Cells Clafoutis
10. The Heaviest Fetus of Multiverse
11. Force Fed Shredded Genitalia (Visceral Disgorge cover)
  1. avatar
    No 320?
    Metal up your ass 🤘
    1. avatar
      I'm too busy at work I could do it later
  2. avatar
    With pleasure Tom
  3. avatar
    Nice!, Thanks <3
    Always alone :'D
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    Another instant timeless classic from Amputated Vein Records? Only Time will tell. But the artwork alone is the best I've seen from any band not named Gorepot; ) Thx!
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