Morbifik - Gradually Killed in Torture (1999)

Band: Morbifik
Album: Gradually Killed in Torture
Type: Full-length
Released: July 10, 1999
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Brutal Deathgrind
Country: Indonesia (Tangerang, Banten)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Aluzza Productions


1. Machiavellian
2. Hell Scum
3. Brainless Mass Murders
4. Psychopath Murder
5. Brutally Slaughtered
6. The Inhuman Enslavement of Civilization
7. Fuck Off & Death Wish !!!
8. Against All Asshole Army's Authority
9. Devastated in a Minute
10. A Demonic Revenge for Social Revolution
11. Chaos 1214
12. The Adventure of Jack the Rip Off Part 2
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    Apologies for the previously inaudible rip, here's a new, louder rip!!34Jy3AzY!ofMretATsd7zHCPYsaOBfLSCSE_44m8RnG5ARpZVMQs
    A king of the fools rising the rotten and forgotten sounds made by the abnormal minds from the old time.
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      I updated your link
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