Maggots - Dead and Loving It [Compilation] (2007)

Band: Maggots
Album: Dead and Loving It
Type: Compilation
Released: 2007
Genre: Deathgrind
Country: Netherlands (Nederweert, Limburg)
Quality: FLAC
Label: Scrotum Jus Records


1. Daddy Ghoul
2. Mangled Maggots Milkshake
3. Promoters of Very Evil Evil
4. The Graveyard Grind
5. Bloodsucking Geeks
6. We Put the "G" in Gore
7. Dead and Loving It
8. The Toxic Breath of Dr. Death
9. I Like It When You Die
10. Cannibal Crackers
11. Pain in the Ass Process
12. Barbarian Fruitcake
13. Mean Green Gore Machine
14. Gotta Admit, Smells Like Shit
15. Die!! ... You Slime
16. Weak Humans Fall
17. Guts for Sale
18. The Horned One (Gives Great Milk)
19. Ghoul Nation
20. To Serve and Infect
21. Maltreat Your Enemy
22. Six Sick Tricks
23. Killsquad Inferno
24. Ghoul Nation
25. Trendy 'Til Death
26. Gangbang Zombies
27. The Pusspatrol
28. Swallow My Cum
29. Yes Sir We Can Boogie
30. Don't Hesitate, Masturbate
31. Afro Anus
32. Punkassfuck
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