Various Artists - Hammerstorm Vol. 2 (2014)

Band: Various Artists
Album: Hammerstorm Vol. 2
Type: Compilation
Released: 2014
Genre: National Socialist Black Metal
Country: International
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Barbatos Productions


01. Werewolf Front - Intro/Black Sun Avatar (Sweden)
02. Pagan Hellfire - The Fire Of A New Dawn (Canada)
03. Blutaar - Rebellen Für Thule (Landser Cover) (Germany)
04. Aesir - Golpea El Martillo (Argentina)
05. Freezing Blood - Under The Black Sun (Poland)
06. Nosferatu - Morte & Sangue (Brazil)
07. Morrokk - Das Blut SS-Truppen Fließt In Mir Nach Wie Vor (Ukraine)
08. Count Shannäth - White Power (Skrewdriver Cover) (USA)
09. Aryan Supremacy - Wotans Horden (Germany)
10. Desolate Heaven - On Call Of A Heavenly Horn... (Belarus)
11. Dunkelwhite - Diatribe (Iceland)
12. Aryan Werewolf - Cosmotheism (Finland)
13. Karakondjo - Gates Of Heaven (Absurd Cover) (Russia)
14. Heretical Warlust - Anti-Semita Por Siempre (Spain)
15. Wolfenhords - Motherwolf (Croatia)
16. Luciferian Werewolfs - Sons Of Black Sun (SS) (Colombia)
17. Jedem Das Seine - Ein Volk, Ein Führer (Avalon Cover) (Russia)
18. Le Diable Blanc - Mortes Les Impures (France)
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    this kind of stuff should be banned from the heavy music community! nazi scum music!
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      What, you do not like Black Metal?

      Ban one, may as well ban everything, because there sure are a lot of shit I do not like.
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        I like black metal! But bands or compilations that promote songs from well known nazi bands are just wrong imo! everybody can listen to stuff they like and I surely didn't want to offend anyone!
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    If you don't like it go somewhere else!
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    He was probably meaning this genre in particular NSBM Cause it's racist
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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      Not always. Some bands on the compilations sing about war, or history. They are just included to fit the theme.

      Even then, think about it. There are some NSBM bands here that are just listed as "Black Metal", and no one says shit. Add "NS" to it, and suddenly people get mad.

      What that means is the people who get mad are not paying attention to the actual content of the music, but are just judging its label. Chances are they are not even listening to it either.

      Wolfkrieg for instance. I like the music, and I don't understand Russian at all. So should the lyrical contents offend me in anyway when I don't understand it? Of course not.

      These people are judging the label itself, nothing else.
      EDIT: Okay, and the cover, too.
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    Don't you just find it funny how people are nowadays offended over NSBM like how people were offended over black metal proper in the 1990's/2000's?
    A king of the fools rising the rotten and forgotten sounds made by the abnormal minds from the old time.
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      Exactly. Originally against all religions and all races. Once the shock wore off, they needed something to shock once again, and here we are.

      Though I am more amused by the fact that songs about mutilating people, raping and impaling women, decapitations and shotgun abortions are fine by these people, but racism is where they draw the line?

      To me if the music is good, then the music is good.
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        Considering how many black metal musicians have self-identified as Satanists, pagans, or Thelemites from the very beginning of the genre, it would be quite a stretch to say that black metal was ever against all religions. While some bands used Satanic or occult imagery for shock value or because they thought it looked cool, there were also musicians who were very sincere in their use of such imagery and themes.

        Not every 80's black metal band was Satanic shock rock like Venom, there were also bands like Celtic Frost and Mortuary Drape that were legitimately into Crowley and Thelema (the "Mega Therion" referred to in the Celtic Frost album title is Crowley). Even though many of them place an emphasis on direct personal experience and tend to be incompatible with authoritarianism, mystical religions are still religions. What is now called the occult is largely what was once called religion.
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          Thank you for the lesson.

          Let me re-phrase: Against the Right-Hand Path.
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    There is always one pussy getting all offended and getting butthurt 🤔
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      Don't worry, I will find more. :D
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    some of these bands cover songs from german bands like Landser! And these bands are forbidden in germany because of their propaganda regarding the third reich! so don't tell me anything about normal black metal or music against all religions and races! that is just wrong!!!!!!
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      the nazis werent that bad compared to the communists trust me.
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        Both are terrible, but yeah, communists killed more people than the nazis.
        A king of the fools rising the rotten and forgotten sounds made by the abnormal minds from the old time.
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    Cancer, disease and murder all kill people. Lets not sing about it. Give me a break. My grandparents had to deal with everything in WWII. Am I here with a bleeding pussy? As the Great Juicy would say "Faaack, move on already."
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