Humiliation - Discography

Band: Humiliation
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Quality: FLAC


2009 - Face The Disaster (EP)
2010 - Dawn Of Warfare
2011 - Seek To Survive
2012 - From Strength To Strength
2013 - Turbulence From The Deep
2014 - Battalion
2015 - Under The Siege Of Invasion
2016 - Bullet Storm, The Blood Of The Disaster Dead (split with Taste)
2016 - Honourable Discharge
2017 - No Escape
2018 - Regiment
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    Hadn't heard of these guys before, thanks for sharing.
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    I just want the latest 2018 album but I have to download 4.7G wtf... and download limit reached for yandex.
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    I agree, I also wanted the latest album, I will not download 4.7GB to just get an album
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    Its says download limit reached for yandex for the flac files
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    Please do separate 320 and FLAC Downloads
  6. avatar download for torrent
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      but I want FLAC for the 2018 album...
  7. avatar!Mr4Yb451JiV9/hu18reg-7z
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    Great band from malaysia🤘
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