Sammy Slamdance - Fear In Fiction (2019)

Band: Sammy Slamdance
Album: Fear In Fiction
Type: Full-length
Released: January 22, 2019
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Country: United States (Nashville, Tennessee)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Host (feat. Michael Alvarez of Flub & Alterbeast).
2. Vermis (feat. Alex Caron of Inherit The Crown).
3. Ghoul (feat. Mac Smith of Krosis).
4. Black Annis (feat. Chelsea Stickland of Accursed Creator and Sanjay Kumar of Wormhole).
5. Deathcult (feat. James Lewis of Nomvdic).
6. Jane Doe (feat. GandCrab).
7. Necrotic Frost (feat. Cody Harmon of The Breathing Process).
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