Malevolent Creation - The 13th Beast (2019)

Band: Malevolent Creation
Album: The 13th Beast
Type: Full-length
Released: January 18, 2019
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Century Media Records


01. End the Torture
02. Mandatory Butchery
03. Agony for the Chosen
04. Canvas of Flesh
05. Born of Pain
06. The Beast Awakened
07. Decimated
08. Bleed Us Free
09. Knife at Hand
10. Trapped Inside
11. Release the Soul
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    Your welcome John🤘
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    Man your Fuckin awesome!
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    This is missing track number one for me. maybe it's just my phone I don't know but anyone else that downloads it let me know.
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    It's there, I'm just retarded 😂🤯
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    Strong death metal EXCEPCIONAL BRUTAL
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    Had me double checking 😂
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    thank you very very much
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      Your welcome🤘
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      Your welcome👍
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    This Album is So Good!!!!
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    LinkedIn does't work !
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    Dasher, the two links work
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    Link doesn't work ! Sorry ...
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    Do you know where download ?
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    There are two icons: Download and Mirror, use one of the two. Both work
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    Left is for the 320kbps and right is a flac
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    So use Download or Mirror
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    I have no issue with the downloads the links work Dasher
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    Ultron in the cover art
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