Nedakh - Satan Watches My Earthly Soul (2018)

Band: Nedakh
Album: Satan Watches My Earthly Soul
Type: Full-length
Released: June 6, 2018
Genre: Black Metal / National Socialist Black Metal
Country: United States (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


01. Cries of the Eastern World
02. The Watcher
03. Muteness (World of Rats)
04. Another Man Passes
05. Dying Warriors
06. Christian Bitch
07. Crush the Jewish God
08. Burning Mosques
09. Bloodbath
10. Valac's Black Invocation
11. Rise of Paimon
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    Somebody was on an Aryan website. Hey Tom, I'll see you at the meeting later. Tonight is a new secret handshake.
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      See you there brother!
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    Damn straight! Front row.
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    I like it. Awesome upload.
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    Again with all the nazi crap, like metal doesn't have enough problems
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      you are the cancer for metal.
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