Грома Глас / Aryanwülf - Грома Глас / Aryanwülf [Split] (2016)

Band: Грома Глас / Aryanwülf
Album: Грома Глас / Aryanwülf
Type: Split
Released: October 14, 2016
Genre: Pagan Metal / Black Metal / National Socialist Black Metal
Country: Russia (Irkutsk, Eastern Siberia)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Barbatos Productions


1. Грома Глас - Fiery Glare of Glow
2. Грома Глас - Drown Them in the Rivers of Blood
3. Грома Глас - Pure Blood of the Europe
4. Грома Глас - Sons of Thunder (Der Stürmer cover)
5. Aryanwülf - Intro
6. Aryanwülf - White Power Black Metal
7. Aryanwülf - Under the Banner of the Totenkopf
8. Aryanwülf - The Sign of the Holy Swastika (A Dedication to Adolf Hitler)
9. Aryanwülf - Schwarze Reich
10. Aryanwülf - A Raven at My Aryan Funeral
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    I wonder if the people disliking these are disliking them simply because of the label, and not because of the musical content. Musically it sounds like Black Metal to me, so what is the problem?
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      It's probably all the metalheads whose grandparents were murdered for nazi reasons.
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        So precisely what did this band do way back then? Were they even around? Are these bands to blame for what happened back then?
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