Citizen - Manifesto for the New Patriot (2005)

Band: Citizen
Album: Manifesto for the New Patriot
Type: Full-length
Released: 2005
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Country: United States (Santa Cruz, California)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Code:Breaker Records


1. The People's War
2. Ambush in the Afternoon
3. Pledge to a Fallen Comrade
4. Guerrilla Grind
5. Insurrectionary Evolution
6. Volunteer for Liberty
7. Revolution Is an Idea That Has Found Its Bayonets
8. The Enemy's Rear Is the Guerrilla's Front
9. Home Guard
10. Iron and Blood
11. War of Nerves
12. Coup d'Etat
13. The Counterinsurgent
14. Three Rules and Eight Remarks
15. Hymn of the Citizen (Martyr's Parade)
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    Fuck yeah finally some anarchy grind
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    Did this finally make you wet?
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