Vomitory - Redemption (Bonus Edition) (2019)

Band: Vomitory
Album: Redemption (Bonus Edition)
Type: Full-length / Reissue
Released: January 11, 2019
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden (Karlstad, Värmland)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Metal Blade Records


1. The Voyage
2. Forty Seconds Bloodbath
3. Forever in Gloom
4. Heaps of Blood
5. Embraced by Pain
6. Redemption
7. Ashes of Mourning Life (God Macabre cover)
8. Partly Dead
9. The Art of War (Bonus)
10. Undivulged (Bonus)
11. Extremity Retained (Bonus)
12. Dead Cold (Bonus)
13. Christ Passion (Bonus)
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    Awesome! I was just thinking of uploading these myself 👍
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