Disgorged Foetus - Years of GOREmageddon [Compilation] (2006)

Band: Disgorged Foetus
Album: Years of GOREmageddon
Type: Compilation
Released: March 1, 2006
Genre: Goregrind
Country: France (Langres, Grand Est)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Imphalte


1. Embryonic Necrophagus (Part.I)
2. Abdominal Amputation
3. Delicious Oozing of Decayed Meat
4. Swallow the Rotten Flesh
5. Necro-Eater Worm Infestation
6. Drawing in Guts
7. Mucupurulent Moist Flesh (intro)
8. Stench of Corpse
9. Anorectal Regurgitation
10. Cancerous Pus from Brain
11. Rancid Necrotic Ulcer
12. Necrocannibalistic Brainmangler
13. Dissecting Entrails
14. Cadaveric Grinder
15. Embryonic Necrophagus (Part.II)
16. Foetus Disgorgement
17. Intro: Grotesque Suppuration (Bloody Overture)
18. Hymn of the Prematured Gore Holocaust
19. Worm Final Armageddon
20. Consuming the Excreted Rotting Bitch
21. The Agoreaphobic Cadaver
22. Triumph of the Penis
23. Hung Down with an Indigestible Guts
24. Succulent Devourment of Larves
25. Embryonic Necrophagus (Part.I)
26. Orgy in Mucupurulent Wound
27. Wound Fuck / Perpetual Sperm Injection (Gut cover)
28. Brain Oozing
29. Degustation of a Cranial Suppuration
30. Pus & Maggots Salad
31. Stench of Corpse
32. Anorectal Regurgitation
33. Rancid Meat Sodomizer (live)
34. Embryonic Necrophagus (part II) (live)
35. Rancing Meat Sodomizer
36. Born in Gore (live)
37. Consuming the Excreted Rotting Bitch (live)
38. Grotesque Suppuration (Bloody Overture) (Horror mix)
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