Nokturne - Black Metal Kampf [Compilation] (2012)

Band: Nokturne
Album: Black Metal Kampf
Type: Compilation
Released: 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Country: United States (Los Angeles, California)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Frozen Darkness Productions


1. Charred Corpse Supremacy
2. Blood Flag
3. Kruelty Kampaign
4. Werwolf Blood Order
5. Sigil Mord
6. No Surrender
7. Wargod Domination
8. White Roaring Abyss
9. B.D.J.
10. Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
11. War Torch
12. Skinning Factory
13. Surges of Totenkopf Possession
14. Final Genocide
15. Larm, Tod, & Krieg
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    Oh good just what metal needs, more nazis
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      can you just stop nitpicking and stop going out of your way finding NSBM. you're just asking to get beaten up, STOP ACTING LIKE A FAGGOT !
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    Don't forget about the Cold Grave I posted for you too.
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    I have more compilations I need to upload as well.
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