Bloodfiend - Revolting Death [Compilation] (2015)

Band: Bloodfiend
Album: Revolting Death
Type: Compilation
Released: September 27, 2015
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Disembodied Records


1. Sodomized by the Cross
2. Rotten Perished
3. Crown of Blood
4. Brain Damage (Autopsy cover)
5. Social Sterility (Napalm Death cover)
6. Suicide Fuck (Abscess cover)
7. Murder Lake (rough mix)
8. Corpse Molester (rough mix)
9. Rotten Perished (live)
10. I Brought the Worms (live)
11. Sanguinary Day (live)
12. Sodomized by the Cross (live)
13. Supposed to Rot (Nihilist/Entombed cover) (live)
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