Light Unseen - Visions Of Archetype And Apocalypse (2018)

Band: Light Unseen
Album: Visions Of Archetype And Apocalypse
Type: Full-length
Released: November 23, 2018
Genre: Death Metal / Christian Metal
Country: United States (San Marcos, Texas)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Imago Dei
2. I've Seen Them Fall
3. Eve Of The Day Of The Lord
4. My Tongue
5. Christus Invictus
6. Soldier Cosmic
7. Hierarch
8. Serpent Sold Soul
9. Corpus Christi
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    I am not surprised they are from Texas, but cool that they gave a shout-out to Corpus Christi [an actual city name].
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