Last Days Of Humanity / Stoma - 138 Minutes Body Disposal / Gory Human Pancake [Split] (2018)

Band: Last Days Of Humanity / Stoma
Album: 138 Minutes Body Disposal / Gory Human Pancake
Type: EP / Reissue / Split
Released: July 6, 2018
Genre: Goregrind
Country: Netherlands
Quality: mp3 256 kbps
Label: Bizarre Leprous Production


1. Last Days Of Humanity - Excremental Mess Of Fecal Putrilage
2. Last Days Of Humanity - 138 Minutes Body Disposal
3. Last Days Of Humanity - The End Of Love
4. Last Days Of Humanity - Grume Collection Of Bodyparts
5. Stoma - My Kid Sister
6. Stoma - Splattered Fat Bitch
7. Stoma - Shit For Brains
8. Stoma - In Grind We Crust
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    Does anyone have it in 320?
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      I am downloading it in 256kbps but it is a slow torrent but I will update when done.
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        I have in 256 too. But it is the original split of 2001. They have no differences?
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    From what I see it's a reissue and no bonus songs
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