Sulphur Aeon - The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos (2018)

Band: Sulphur Aeon
Album: The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos
Type: Full-length
Released: December 21, 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Ván Records


1. Cult of Starry Wisdom
2. Yuggothian Spell
3. The Summoning of Nyarlathotep
4. Veneration of the Lunar Orb
5. Sinister Sea Sabbath
6. The Oneironaut - Haunting Visions Within the Starlit Chambers of Seven Gates
7. Lungs into Gills
8. Thou Shalt Not Speak His Name (The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos)
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    Nice! Didn't even know they had a new album coming out.
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    I am not a fan but I know some people like this. I think their older stuff is better.
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    Haven't listened to it yet.
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    great release, really killed it!
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    i not listen yet tom but well see
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    Yea ill check this out if its in top releases
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    Nice stuff,już czekam na przesyłkę!!!:)
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