Bitter Peace - Ashes of Oppression (2015)

Band: Bitter Peace
Album: Ashes of Oppression
Type: Full-length
Released: August 15, 2015
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Country: United States (Suffield, Connecticut)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Elegy Records


1. Atom Smashed Saviour
2. Voice of Reason
3. Perish in Flames
4. Seventh Moon
5. Rid the World
6. Eradication
7. Usurper of the Mantle
8. Damnations Wine
9. Shores of the Subconscious
10. Prison Earth
11. Slay the Oppressor
12. Choir of the Dead
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    This post is getting some attention here. I never realized how many people get butt hurt over extreme music. Why do you even listen to extreme music if you can't handle certain types of subject matter? So everybody can understand this I am including an interview with the lead singer from this band. People are asking is this NSBM or why am I posting Nazi stuff? The question is..........I noticed the Iron Cross on the album cover along with some of the song titles. Do you consider yourself an NS band and do you feel being lumped into that category is helpful/detrimental? What are your thoughts on the NSBM scene as a whole?

    Well, this is difficult to answer, but I will try to as best as I can. Do I consider the band an NS band? No, not really but I don't reject any comparisons as some of my lyrics can lean towards that, but not nonsense like some bands do. I wouldn't consider it a help or a detriment, for these reasons, one the extreme Black Metal underground is just that, extreme, people understand that this is not nice music and it shouldn't be for everyone, so therefore it is commonly accepted. Also, I have no aspirations of ever polishing the band to try to become popular, I do it because I enjoy it and if some people relate to my music that is great. It would however be detrimental if I were to try to make the band a sellout big band, as it is not really accepted in a lot of circles. Hopefully this answers this somewhat clear.

    This is your answer people. If you want to read more the link is below.
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    If they can listen to music about eating babies and killing everybody, then this is nothing and anybody that has a problem with it can go fuck themselves 🤔
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    Of course , our musical tastes are politically incorrect anyway so... why to complain about it?
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    Now I have an idea for an awesome album theme: Nazis eating babies.
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      Faschistisch Kind Festessen? lol
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    But like, are they nazi sympathizers? Cuz they got the black sun on that flag there and that's a pretty popular symbol with modern neo-nazis. There's a difference between writing about nazi stuff and being /for/ nazi stuff, ya know?
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      the black sun is popular with neo-nazis yes. but is it a neo-nazi symbol ? no but it was used by the nazis and i have reason why its not a nazi symbol even tho they used it. The symbol's design consists of twelve mirrored sig runes, which is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic language name of the s-rune, meaning "sun". And It appears as Old Norse sól, Old English sigel, and Gothic sugil. the point is that the black sun is a pagan symbol not a nazi symbol but it is somewhat associated with nazism because they used it.
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    So is God Dethroned--Under the Sign of the Iron Cross getting your panties in a bunch too? You people crying about this stuff shouldn't even be here. Move along.
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