Collateral Bleeding - Third Version: Killing Years (2010)

Band: Collateral Bleeding
Album: Third Version: Killing Years
Type: Full-length
Released: 2010
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Country: Indonesia (Batang, Central Java)
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Ahong Kecapean
2. Akhsay Khumar vs Hulk
3. Kong Kalikong ≠ Ngendong Kingkong
4. Iler Butho
5. Gairah Cindy
6. Ndok-ndokane Manukku Dadi Telu
7. Pasien Rumah Sakit Jiwa
8. Smilling Suffer
9. Korban 531
10. Pasukan Ogah Tua
11. The Bronxx
12. Be Continued
13. Gairah Cindy (live version mix) (Bonus track)
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