Untethered - Daddy Issues [EP] (2018)

Band: Untethered
Album: Daddy Issues
Type: EP
Released: December 13, 2018
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Country: Australia (Melbourne)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Inherited Suffering Records


01. Final Requiem [00:08]
02. Anal Consequences [03:50]
03. Devourer (feat. Lukas Swiaczny of Stillbirth) [05:59]
04. Iutbapwlybtitaettf (feat. Dave Vader of Spitting Venom) [09:21]
05. Sacrifice (feat. Kris Xenopoulos of Vulvodynia) [13:10]
06. Daddy Issues [18:26]
07. Sunlight Sonata [22:22]
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    Sorry, all I could find was 128
  2. avatar
    Unacceptable! I want 320 plus artwork. Geez...now I gotta go over to VK to see if they have it...later!
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    Thanks for all the awesome support guys 😭
  4. avatar
    Thanks Tom all good here
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    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    It'll be available in 320 sooner or later
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    Yakno I might be able to find 320 + artwork on Soulseek. I'm gonna let you know if I do.
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    Nope. Sorry for getting y'alls hope up...
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      You're not kidding!
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