Sold Soul - Into the Mouth of Hell (2018)

Band: Sold Soul
Album: Into the Mouth of Hell
Type: Full-length
Released: December 12, 2018
Genre: Deathcore
Country: United States (North Carolina)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Chugcore


01. Preface to Damnation
02. A Voyage Through River Styx (feat. Niko Apostolakis)
03. The Son of Perdition (feat. CJ McCreery)
04. Gnarled Horns
05. The Beast of Gevaudan (feat. Greg Gilbert)
06. Severed Tongues
07. Harrowing, His Calls to the Void
08. Dread Father (feat. Cameron McBride)
09. The Son of Perdition (feat. Ben Mason) (Alternate Version)
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    Thanks Crypt, good stuff
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    Thanks Crypt didn't even know about this Sold Soul is some Sick Brutality
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    Thanks! :)
    Always alone :'D
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    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    Hiromui, big thanks for the flac
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    Really a good album, thanks again Crypt
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