М8Л8ТХ - Удар милосердия / Coup de grâce [EP] (2018)

Band: М8Л8ТХ
Album: Удар милосердия / Coup de grâce
Type: EP
Released: November 28, 2018
Genre: National Socialist Black Metal
Country: Russia (Tver (early), Ukraine (later))
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Militant Zone


1. Удар милосердия / Coup de grâce
2. Происхождение обязывает / Noblesse oblige
3. Эпитафия / Épitaphe
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    Fulfilling that one request.
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    Y'all were doing so good! There was like a whole week where no nazi music was posted. Y'all were doing so good.
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      You were doing so well! Like, months without you intentionally seeking out N.S.B.M. and crying like a little bitch about it!

      Make a simple post, and like a simple puppet you come out and make another whiny post.

      This only tells us we own you.
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    We need to make it a point to upload more like this.
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