Obscenity - Summoning the Circle (2018)

Band: Obscenity
Album: Summoning the Circle
Type: Full-length
Released: December 7, 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany (Oldenburg, Lower Saxony)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Apostasy Records


01. Used and Abused
02. Feasting from the Dead
03. Infernal Warfare
04. Dreadfully Embraced
05. Scourge of Humanity
06. Torment for the Living
07. Invocation Obscure
08. The Ones Concerned
09. Let Her Bleed
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    Fuck this is killer!
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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    tackar tom för detta plattan!
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    Thanks, Tom. Been waiting for this.
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    Link broken
    Metal up your ass 🤘
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      JаvaScript Bach
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