Fallen Christ - Abduction Ritual (1996)

Band: Fallen Christ
Album: Abduction Ritual
Type: Full-length
Released: 1996
Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal
Country: United States (Oakland Gardens, New York)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Listenable Records


1. In the Name of Satan
2. Blaspheming Invocation
3. Evil Larvae
4. Torment of the Wicked
5. Fallen Christ
6. World of Darkness
7. Abduction Ritual
8. Awaken the Tyrant
9. Burn of the Altar
10. God of Fire
11. Slave to Evil
12. Satanas (Luciferions)
13. Kill of the Newborn
14. No Maker No God
15. Command Us Satan
16. Gate of Sacrifice
17. Altar of Pain
18. Heaven in Flames
19. Tiamat Massa
20. Ceremony of the Stifling Air
21. Infernal Majesty
22. Luciferions (Hate, Eternal Darkness Everywhere - Mix)
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