Cryogenic Defilement - Worldwide Extermination (2018)

Band: Cryogenic Defilement
Album: Worldwide Extermination
Type: Full-length
Released: November 1, 2018
Genre: Brutal Deathcore / Brutal Death Metal
Country: China (Hong Kong)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Reality Fade / Vicious Instinct


01. Sickness Descends 02:01
02. Bludgeoned Vagina (ft. Rok Rupnik of Within Destruction) 03:23
03. Daddy's Home 04:10
04. Butchery Section 04:33
05. Uterine Intercourse (ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia) 03:32
06. Post Aborted Fetus Ingestion (ft. Naseem Khan and Shaun of Parallel Horizons) 03:12
07. Worldwide Extermination (ft. Jason Evans of Ingested and Luke Griffin of Acrania/Human Error) 03:12
08. Pussy Juice Dispenser 03:52
09. Unleash The Slamming Bulldozer 04:36
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    Fixed the ID tags so Juiceman 666 can look at the picture 🤔
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    this album deserve FLAC at first.
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    Killer album slam worldwide keep up good work.
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    JаvaScript Bach
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