When Plagues Collide - Tutor Of The Dying (2018)

Band: When Plagues Collide
Album: Tutor Of The Dying
Type: Full-length
Released: November 1, 2018
Genre: Deathcore / Symphonic Deathcore
Country: Belgium (Aarschot)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1.Messengers of the Holy Falsehood
2.Fertilization with the Body of Men
4.Dictating Violence (feat. Ben Duerr)
5.Als Imperatieve Grootmacht
6.Tutor of the Dying
7.Fleshmould (feat. Luke Griffin)
8.Belials Archetype
9.Marked for Destruction (feat. Tim De Ridder)
10.Corpus Maleficus
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    and Melodic Deathcore?
    Always alone :'D
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      Whatever you'd like to call it 👍
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        Haha then it will be Symphonic Deathcore / Blackened Deathcore / Melodic Deathcore XD (obviously I joke)
        Always alone :'D
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          Yes, some of this stuff gets crazy with genres.
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    here in case you want to hear it complete UwU
    Always alone :'D
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