Hate Eternal - Upon Desolate Sands (2018)

Band: Hate Eternal
Album: Upon Desolate Sands
Type: Full-length
Released: October 26, 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States (Tampa, Florida)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Season of Mist


1. The Violent Fury
2. What Lies Beyond
3. Vengeance Striketh
4. Nothingness of Being
5. All Hope Destroyed
6. Portal of Myriad
7. Dark Age of Ruin
8. Upon Desolate Sands
9. For Whom We Have Lost
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      Thanks! This is a vinyl rip, so hopefully a good CD rip comes out soon
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    The flac makes 700mb, too big for zippy...
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    another crap-sounding HE album...:(
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      this not bad sound is just vinyl sound is bad low... the cd version is here thursday i hope
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    Yes this vinyl rip sounds like shit! I don't even want to hear it, I couldn't even sit through one song. I'm going to wait till a decent rip comes out to listen to it.
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    Tom, the sound volume of the flac is as low as the 320.
    I will re-download it later...
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      Don't worry about it I understand. I have it on pre-order so regardless we will have it in Flac in another day.
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    Updated to FLAC rip 320 kbps
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    thank you for the 320/flac :)
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    With pleasure (flac)
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