Fin - The Furrows of Tradition (2015)

Band: Fin
Album: The Furrows of Tradition
Type: Full-length
Released: June 5, 2015
Genre: Black Metal
Country: United States (Chicago, Illinois)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Behold Barbarity


1. Bliss Apparition of Sunlight
2. Abscond as Smoke to the Sky
3. Sworn to Valor
4. How the West Was Won
5. A Final Shots Report
6. The Furrows of Tradition
7. The Grand Conqueror
8. A Man Who Would Be King
9. A Waltz with the Rope
10. Ink and Fire
11. Arrogance...A Bridge to Fall
12. Fearless upon the Frontline
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    Sorry that youtube sound quality sucks more dick than Juiceman666 (John Gavalas).
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      That's a lot of dick!!!!!!!!!
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