Internal Suffering - Discography (Lossless)

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Band: Internal Suffering
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Colombia (Pereira (early); New York City, New York, United States (later); Madrid, Spain (2011-present))
Quality: FLAC


2000 - Supreme Knowledge Domain (Displeased Records, D-00109) (Re-issue 2006)
2001 - Unmercyful Extermination (EP) Japan (Macabre Mementos Records, MM-004)
2002 - Chaotic Matrix (Displeased Rec., D-00098, Netherlands)
2004 - Choronzonic Force Domination (Mutilated Rec., none, Colombia) (Re-issue 2013)
2006 - Awakening Of The Rebel (Unique Leader Rec., ULR 60033-2, United States)
2016 - Cyclonic Void Of Power (Unique Leader Records, ULR006142)
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