Ovaryrot - Aggression Brigade [EP] (2014)

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Band: Ovaryrot
Album: Aggression Brigade
Type: EP
Released: January 25, 2014
Genre: Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal
Country: International (United States / Sweden)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Bleeding the Greed Swine
2. Gorge (Cannibal Rights)
3. The Tax Demanding Currency Leech
4. Orgy of Incompetence
5. The Nail-Bomber's Agenda
6. Turns to Genocide
7. Patriotic Destruction and the Burning of All Historical Monuments
8. Artery Architect
9. Holy Labotomist, Lend Me Your Lies
10. The Anger of the Human Being (Burn)
11. Ashes, Ashes (We All Fall Down...)
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