Putridity - Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism [Deluxe Edition] (2018)

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Band: Putridity
Album: Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism [Deluxe Edition]
Type: Full-length / Reissue
Released: September 14, 2018
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Italy (Ivrea (Turin), Piedmont)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Willowtip Records


1. Intro
2. Abortifacient Whore Lobotomizer
3. Molesting Vomited Decapitation
4. Zombie Oral Sex
5. Conscious in Rigor Mortis
6. Fermented Entrails
7. Necrophiliac Limitations
8. Convulsive Incestuous Devourment
9. Pursue the Suicidal Breed
10. Conscious in Rigor Mortis (demo)
11. Fermented Entrails (demo)
12. Zombie Oral Sex (demo)
13. Necrophiliac Limitations (demo)
14. Intimacy with the Elder Carcass (bonus)
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