Ovaryrot - Harvesting Ovum (2008)

Band: Ovaryrot
Album: Harvesting Ovum
Type: Full-length
Released: July 1, 2008
Genre: Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal
Country: International (United States / Sweden)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Christened from the Stench of Malted Flesh
2. Consumption of Embryonic Fluid from Still Births
3. Filling the Empty Eye Sockets with Semen
4. Severely Decomposed Genitals
5. Destruction of the Rib Cage by Sledge Hammer
6. Shards of Broken Bone Rupture the Lung Sacks
7. A Bloated Carcass Molding After Being Submerged Under Urine
8. Mound of Leftover Meats from the Deskinning Process
9. Teeth Rotted from Excessive Mastication of Human Fat
10. Every Orifice Filled with Maggots
11. Fucking a Gellotonous Mess of Melted Flesh
12. Gashing the Naval Region to Squeeze the Ovaries
13. Seeping Internal Brain Fluids from the Ear
14. Clotted Chunks of Meat Disperesed Throughout a Puddle of Bodily Fluids
15. Extending the Neck to the Point of Dislocation
16. Raped, Lacerated, and Forced to Gargle Piss
17. Rancid Projectile Disgorgement of Greased Muscle Tissue
18. Salivating over the Smell of a Ruptured Apendix
19. Biting the Gang Green Infected Nipples of the Deceased
20. Forcefully Filleting the Penis with a Straight Razor
21. Mental Incapacity Evident Through an Obsessive Fixation on Exploding Craniums
22. Pleasure Derrived from Fingering Lacerations
23. A Vomitous Mass Oozing from a Clotting Neck Laceration
24. Soaking in Bile from Freshly Ripped Entrails
25. The Sound of Decayed Intestines Sliding Down the Esophogaus
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