Black Funeral - Moon of Characith (1998)

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Band: Black Funeral
Album: Moon of Characith
Type: Full-length
Released: 1998
Genre: Black Metal / Dark Ambient
Country: United States (Houston, Texas)
Quality: mp3 192 kbps
Label: Full Moon Productions


1. Totentanz
2. Seduction and Devourment
3. Evocation in the Lunar Lodge (Lycanthropic Atavisms)
4. Rite of Enveloping Shadows
5. Blood Rite - Manifestation of Marchosias
6. Death Gnosis
7. Moon Thirst
8. The Vampire Born (Totentanz II)
9. Banishing
  1. I hate that I am posting shitty quality, but I am posting just to get them out there.
    1. Don't worry about it. We appreciate you putting it up, and whenever 320 is found it could just be fixed.
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