Monstrosity - The Passage of Existence (2018)

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Band: Monstrosity
Album: The Passage of Existence
Type: Full-length
Released: September 7, 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States (Fort Lauderdale, Florida (early), Tampa, Florida (later))
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Metal Blade Records


01. Cosmic Pandemia
02. Kingdom of Fire
03. Radiated
04. Solar Vacuum
05. The Proselygeist
06. Maelstrom
07. Eyes upon the Abyss
08. Dark Matter Invocation
09. The Hive
10. Eternal Void
11. Century
12. Slaves to the Evermore
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      It works for me fine
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    I made a mirror just in case you're having trouble with MediaFire.
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      Thank you, might be because you are the file owner?
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        Maybe, I have heard a few times before the people have problems with links I make on my phone.
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          Yeah, it denies your access and says you can buy the album on Amazon.

          Odd, I clicked again to double check, and it allowed you to DL it then.
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            Yes, it did it to me too. I think Mediafire does that with high traffic downloads.
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    thx i was waiting for this
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    320 kbps and FLAC
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