Goddess Of Retribution - 16​-​16 [EP] (2018)

Band: Goddess Of Retribution
Album: 16​-​16
Type: EP
Released: September 1, 2018
Genre: Brutal Deathcore / Brutal Death Metal
Country: Czech Republic (Hrubá Skála)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


01. Ubrik Cuts Phoenix´s Legs (03:01)
02. Orthos (feat. Petr Hatas of Modern Day Babylon) (03:21)
03. 16-16 (03:39)
04. Authorization of an Execution (03:24)
05. Wrath of Damned (04:11)
06. Bathed in Blood (03:35)
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    Thanks Tom! :D
    Always alone :'D
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    Hey I have a problem the mirror is not in 320, I thought that if the mediafire link told me "Error 400 Bad Resquet" and then I thought that the mirror was at 320 and I downloaded it, now that I had time to decompress it I gave it note that it was not in 320, can you check the mediafire link? or fix it? please...
    Always alone :'D
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      Your welcome. Sorry for the mistake.
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