Dehumanize - Malum, Scelesto, Ferox (2018)

Band: Dehumanize
Album: Malum, Scelesto, Ferox
Type: Full-length
Released: August 30, 2018
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Country: United States (Louisville, Kentucky)
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Label: Christian Metal Underground Records


1. A Vile Progression
2. Virtual Signaling
3. As Sodom Burns
4. For We Are Many
5. Our Unending Depravity
6. To Be Spared of Evil
7. My Cup Overfloweth
8. Ad Nauseam
9. Apex Creation, Dubious Catalyst
10. Imperii Inmotuae
11. Let Me Axe You a Question
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